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I feel like I got exactly what I was hoping for and more - a cohesive brand that is both beautiful and meaningful and an outside perspective on who I am and what I’m doing that made me feel seen and cared for.
— Chichi Agorom, Thin Space Co
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Brand research and discovery, logo design, submark design, color palette and typography, business card design, Instagram images and Instagram Story Covers


about the project

My life’s work is to help people feel less alone & more known, and to create spaces that increase connection & compassion in an increasingly divided world.” —Words by Chichi. When Chichi first reached out to me about branding, she mentioned she was in need of a logo which encapsulated her brand experience.


Through a holistic discovery process, Chichi and I set out to uncover her unique voice, translating it to her company’s visual aesthetic. Thin Space Co is geared toward those who are appreciative of emotional depth, authenticity, and passion. It was for this reason that we chose a logo packed with meaning.

logo with rust.jpg


If you look closely, you will notice the triangle resting between two lines (the top line over the triangle + the base of the triangle). The top line represents heaven, while the bottom represents earth, with the triangle of transformation existing between the two. This is a reminder of the change which occurs in thin spaces, where we awaken to new ways of seeing the world and are able to catch glimpses of the Divine.

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Chichi is drawn to earthy colors, representative of the vitality she desires to bring her clients through awareness.

  • Turquoise: balance, harmony, growth

  • Orange: confidence, warmth, hospitality

  • Cream: spaciousness, clarity, organization

  • Gray: calmness, stability, professionalism

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I loved the way Laura synthesized all of my answers from the questionnaire into a summary of myself and my work that made me feel so seen. It immediately increased my level of trust in her ability to create a logo & brand design that would be truly representative of me.
— Chichi Agorom, Thin Space Co
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I walked away with clarity on what I’m trying to accomplish, and lots of beautiful templates that communicate my vision to my audience.
— Chichi Agorom, Thin Space Co
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