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After working with Laura, I had a fundamental understanding of what made up my brand, leaving me feeling confident. Laura put my ideas to paper, in a beautiful and cohesive manner, that really represented me.
— Nolan Bouchillon, The Final Edit
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Brand research and discovery, logo design, submark design, color palette and typography, business card design, Instagram images and Instagram Story Covers, web design


about the project

Nolan reached out to me to create a logo and website for her side hustle, an organization, design, and styling business. Working as a nurse, she realized that she needed something to refresh her creatively. Thus, The Final Edit was born. I was honored to come alongside of her in building a creative brand identity for her company.


Since The Final Edit places equal priorities on style, design, and organization, it was important for us to create a brand that was both organized and beautiful. For this reason we focused on an overall aesthetic which communicated refined creativity.

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As a Southern Alabama creative who has made Denver her home, it was important that we incorporate Nolan’s southern culture into her brand. We did this by incorporating a hand-drawn magnolia in the logo. Additionally, in ancient China, magnolias symbolized womanly beauty. Femininity is an adjective which describes Nolan’s overall aesthetic.

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Nolan seeks to create simplicity in an effort to make space for the bold + beautiful. It is only then that the bold can take the stage. For this reason, we chose typefaces which illustrated this refined + organized nature, including minimalistic body and headline fonts.

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Laura’s patience, dedication, and willingness to help were all commendable. She was so easy to work with!
— Nolan Bouchillon, The Final Edit
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Before working with Laura, I felt like I had a lot of ideas, but I could not quite conceptualize them. Laura did exactly what I visualized in my head. Those who know me know my branding and logo truly reflect who I am.
— Nolan Bouchillon, The Final Edit
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