Photo by    Loco Love

Photo by Loco Love




After working with Laura, I discovered a feeling of capability that I didn’t have before, causing me to feel less impostor syndrome!”
— Brianna Dell, Hazel Avenue
Photo by  Rachel Veltri

Photo by Rachel Veltri



Company naming, brand research and discovery, logo design with custom lettering, color palette and typography, custom illustration, business card design, website design and copywriting, website tutorial, strategy sessions


about the project

After giving birth to her son, Brianna of Hazel Avenue found herself in a bit of awakening in which she decided she wanted to devote more time + energy to her life-giving floral business. When Bri first reached out to me about branding, she mentioned she was in need of cohesive strategy and design but did not know how to execute.


Bri and I set out to uncover her unique voice, mission, and strengths. This discovery process enabled us to solidify Bri’s brand narrative. We then translated this to her brand’s overall aesthetic: whimsical, earthy, passionate, and bohemian. This strategy enabled Bri to launch her business with confidence.



Bri wants her floral artistry to remind her clients of a beautiful hike. With its hand drawn illustration and handlettered type, Bri’s logo is relaxed, friendly, and approachable. It is minimal so as not to distract from her dramatic + raw floral work while still embodying the natural + organic feel one experiences after a good hike.

Photo by  Loco Love

Photo by Loco Love

target audience

Bri’s ideal market consists of clients who become fast friends. These clients take a laidback approach to life, consistently taking the time to stop and smell the roses (pun intended). They are intrigued by the earth’s limitless wonders and seek to incorporate nature as much as possible into the floral designs that Bri curates for them.

Photo by    Loco Love

Photo by Loco Love

My favorite part about the branding process was how easy it was to work with Laura. She listened to every little thing and every worry I had!
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Before working with Laura, I felt overwhelmed and lost with website/branding that I knew I needed to do. Now I feel confident and ready to pursue my passion!
— Brianna Dell, Hazel Avenue
Photo by  Brianna Dell
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