fika (fee-kuh):

a Swedish tradition in which an individual takes a break, often over a cup of coffee, to slow down and savor the moment, enabling them to recharge and refresh.

Are you looking for a perceptive, intuitive, and authentic human being who can seamlessly guide you through your business decisions?

Have you found yourself in a standstill while looking to find solutions to your creative business roadblocks?

do you need insightful and tactful support?

I can help.

There is a reason why I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. I love people, and I genuinely love helping them - helping you. I understand that owning a small business can be both good AND hard and that a third party can be immensely helpful in objectively looking at your business.



..think of it like therapy for your brand.

A one-hour ($60) intentional conversation over coffee to assess your current business needs. We’ll use this time to slow down and refocus on your overarching creative business goals.

Here is what we can do together:

  • Decide on your business name.

  • Define your unique voice.

  • Identify your desired offerings.

  • Determine your target audience.

  • Develop a meaningful and effective social media strategy.

  • And more . .

…and the cherry on top?

I’ve teamed up with Chichi Agorom, a trained teacher in the Enneagram Narrative Tradition. SHE created Enneagram material for Koselig Creative’s Fika Sessions.

This means that not only will we cover your current business roadblocks during our Fika Session, but we will also explore their potential link to your Enneagram type, assisting us in better forming your business goals.