Content Creation:

article published in Beloved Magazine


artwork series featured on Yellow Co.'s blog


menu design featured at Hygge Life's dinner


content creation:

..give me all the words

I distinctly remember my fourth grade teacher peering over my shoulder as she was reviewing my essay, "Elaborate, Laura. You must elaborate." I valued this woman - her heart, personality, and motivations - so it wasn't long before I put her advice into action. Ever since then, I have been drawn to words, never ceasing to be transfixed by the way each individual word collectively comes together to beautifully articulate the deepest longings of the soul. Whether you are looking for content for blogposts, social media, or a page [or two] on your website, I see content as a powerful tool to connect others. No project is too small, as I [somewhat strangely] take great joy in looking at each and every grammatical detail in a piece.

Are you looking for assistance in crafting or editing your about page, product descriptions, emails, blog posts, social media captions, etc.? I'm your girl! We will begin with an initial brand consultation and end with 150-500+ well-crafted words that clearly articulate your brand.



..and illustration when the words are unable to cut it.

Illustration is a distinctive means of communication, providing the individual viewer with the freedom to interpret a piece in their own way. Illustration has the propensity to reveal a new perspective to its viewer, as it offers an abundant source of enrichment through imaginative thought. This particular viewpoint may not be experienced through the written word. Whether I am conveying a brand's authentic personality through logo illustration or crafting an art series which encourages those it touches, I view illustration as an effective means of letting one's voice be heard through aesthetics.

Are you looking for custom illustrations for your client gifts, social media, stationery, website, etc.? Starting with an initial illustration strategy discussion, I will design and create a work of art that captures your company's authentic brand.


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