Before wholeheartedly pursuing Koselig Creative in the summer of 2018, I worked for a large energy company in a rotational leadership program. Even though I was not necessarily pursuing my passion at the time, those formative years were essential for me. I quickly found my deep-seated yearning for aiding + encouraging others while at the same time learning business strategy, as well as financial and marketing knowledge.

After spending 5 years at this company, I realized I was looking for a better fit. That’s when my husband, pup, and I decided to make the move from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Denver, Colorado for me to pursue my master's degree in clinical mental health counseling.

so why branding?

I know firsthand that creative business owners have a unique need for both beautiful design as well as cohesive strategy and purpose. I believe that it is through an intentional + holistic process that these business aspects are able to come to fruition. Because of my varied background in business, counseling, and design, I am able to authentically execute this holistic process.

Your aesthetics can articulate your voice and intention. Your work can be more authentic.

You can typically find me journaling + studying in the nearest cozy local coffee shop. I also enjoy traveling, rooftop bars, cancelled plans, reading, and hiking.

Let’s be friends.